Mozzarella salad with tomatoes, mixed greens, hazelnuts, basil pesto, and balsamic vinegar

EUR 6,80

Caesar salad with anchovy and sin-dried tomato mayonnaise, toasted bread, and
— grilled chicken breast     EUR 8,50
— bacon     EUR 8,50
— tiger prawns     EUR 10,20

Salmon tartar with sea weeds, sesame seeds, slow-cooked quail egg, smoked paprika cream
 and white radish salad

EUR 11,80

Butter-fried tigerprawns with arugula, tomato chutney
and horseradish cream

EUR 13,50

Mixed green salad with vagetables and lentils salsa verde sauce

EUR 6,60

Bacon sandwich with pickled cucumbers and onions,
tomatoes, Emmental cheese and garlic aioli

EUR 8,90

Vegetarian sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers,
salad leaves, pickled onions, Emmental cheese and cucumber sauce

EUR 7,50


French onion soup with parmesan toast

EUR 7,50

Cream of chanterelle soupwith truffle oil and potato crisp

EUR 7,50

Tomato gazpacho with vegetables salsa, purple onions and basil

EUR 5,50


Roasted chicken breast with butter-sautéed boiled potatoes,
sun-dried cherry tomatoes and beurre blanc sauce

EUR 8,80

Veal chop with bone with slightly pickled mushrooms, beetroot puree, burnt onions
and cognac red wine sauce

EUR 18,90

Rack of lamb with pearl barley orzotto, aubergine caviar and pepper red-wine sauce

EUR 17,80

Beef burger with pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic aioli, and Emmental cheese

EUR 12,50
White wine-steamed trout fillet with vegetables, Feta cheese cucumber cream and capers sauce

EUR 14,50

Butter-roasted turbot fillet
with celeriac puree, zucchini, pickled shimeji mushrooms, fennel confit and tomatoes broth sauce

EUR 17,50

Risotto with vegetables and aged hard cheese

EUR 8,80
Pasta with seafood, hard cheese, and homemade tomato sauce

EUR 11,80


Marzipan parfait with berry sauce

EUR 8,90

Cheesecake with orange sorbet and meringue crumbs

EUR 7,50

Berry soup with ice-cream

EUR 6,50

● Assorted macarons with berries

EUR 5,50

● Cakes

EUR 2,50